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27 February 2014 @ 10:45 pm
First...let me apologize to all of you...
I'm so sorry for late announce the contest progress...but, actually the reason is we don't have enough participant and voters (;;___;;)
and of course I can't continue running this community if things going like this over and over though we have enough member already :(
It's so sad to say this....but I've already decided to make this community hiatus for awhile.
Beside that, I will little bit busy this month. There are so many things that I have to prepare. So I think it will make me lack of running the promotion for this community T__T

For the last challenge Week#003 - Valentine , I should say just only one who submitted :(
Thanks to going_dangerous who participated for the last challenge...
Here are her artworks. I'm so sorry I can't make the banner for you TT_____TT

Valentine SetCollapse )

And I need your opinion...are you guys still want this community running or not?
And please give the reason why you choose that. Please leave your answer in reply to this posting.
Thank you once again for all the participant who had been participate to this community (the art makers and voters) m(_ _)m

See you again!! or maybe not :(((
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